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To become healthier, happier, and more successful, it’s vital that we become more aware of what we think, feel, and need, so we can choose what’s truly best for us. Without awareness, we can be easily swept away from what nurtures our health, personal growth, and purpose by distractions and drama. This is a lack of unified willpower—also known as “choice power,” or the power to choose what’s best. Although “getting our work done” and “caring for others” will always be important, more than ever we need to apply our willpower to foster joy, purpose, and passion to give our life meaning.

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What Our Clients are Saying

Angelique, you came into my life and,…I felt like I was Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz…You were this person coming down in the bubble, you were the fairy Godmother…You told me all I had to do was click my heels and I could go home…It was like you were reading what was going on inside of me.

—Christina Young, Client

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About Angelique

Born with an intuitive awareness, Angelique’s keen ability to recognize needs, wants, and “unseen” soul issues allows her to uniquely care for each person at a pace that is best suited and selected by them. By receiving intuitive guidance and listening, asking questions, and talking through issues alongside her clients, an open communicative relationship is formed and a safe place for learning can occur. Her clients describe her as “non-judgmental,” with a “trustworthy nature” and a “kind-hearted willingness to speak truth with love.” She is said to “provide a prime environment for personal growth.”

Angelique-Medow-CoachingAngelique has been coaching individuals throughout her various businesses in marketing, coaching, sales, and design for more than 25 years, in both business and personal matters. She became an expert in willpower by means of dedication, study, and experience. She’s overcome two addictions and guided others through theirs. She’s studied behavioral sciences, patterns, and mentored alongside experts in the fields of personal growth, emotional intelligence, negotiation, spirituality, religion, and intuition. She has also chosen to actively pursue her own personal growth—even during major difficulties. Her willingness to be educated, experience her own growth, and stay committed when it isn’t easy, make her stand out as a woman who “walks her talk.”

Angelique has dedicated her life to inspiring, encouraging, and educating people about ways to walk towards their best life by making their best choices. She coaches people with most types of addictions. Addiction isn’t a substance problem, it’s a lack of love, making unhealthy choices and tendencies in the soul. Regardless of the addiction, we can replace it by choosing something healthy that makes us feel loved.

Unlike many who teach, share, and profess what they do not know, Angelique chooses to share only what she knows through intuitive and personal experience. Through Will You methods, she inspires others to live sustainable, meaningful, joyful lives. And yes, you can do it too!

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